A Pathway To Purity

A Pathway To PurityThe "A Pathway to Purity" book is meant to transform your way of thinking about purity. It takes you through an initial 16 topics of encouraging and challenging material with tips on its practical application. The goal isn't to read 16 topics and then stop there; it's meant to transform the way you think and live. The book will put you on a lifetime path of purity and wholeness that will lead to consistent victory.


A Pathway to Purity and my weekly sessions have given me so much clarity to an area where most men shy away from taking about it. I have been equipped with practical and spiritual tools to fight the good fight for a life full of real freedom, intimacy, vulnerability, accountability, purity, holiness and joy. I'm a better husband to my wife and I can now take off the sackcloth of shame and guilt and walk with my head up high, knowing who I am in Christ. Thank you!
* from Europe

God has used you greatly in my life. Thank you for always pointing me to God's truth and for showing me how to walk this path of purity. It has made an enormous difference in my life.
* from Asia

This material not only helped me walk in the freedom already purchased by Christ, but equipped me to walk further on the pathway into other areas of my life that God wants me to be victorious in.
* from Asia

I just want to say thanks for putting up this great material of information that helped me to be set free in Christ Jesus.
* from Africa

The material equipped me with the tools needed to fully pursue God and not be encumbered with legalism and rules. It has a focus on taking the tools and learning experiences from those who have walked the journey before, and then uses those to teach you how to seek God and interact with Him in a way that will produce fruit.
* from Asia

A Pathway to Purity has been an incredible program of mentorship and knowledge that has provided me with tools and accountability to find victory in the areas of my life that are the most vulnerable to share. Throughout the program, I have learned that when I pursue honesty, vulnerability, and teachability, wholeness and purity are a result. I was challenged in the areas that I needed to be challenged, and shown grace in areas that I needed to be shown grace. My character now is a better reflection of Christ, and I am equipped to deal with the battles that I will face in the future.
* from North America


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"Wanting purity and pursuing purity are two very different things."