A Pathway to Purity

Men in the church are not immune to struggles related to pornography and sex. In truth, many men within the church struggle just as much with these issues as those outside the church, but are also then crippled by shame. This area of brokenness affects the spiritual health of these men, the spiritual health of their families, and the spiritual health of the church. Sadly, this issue has been one that is too often hidden within the church.

We believe that true change and true restoration must not be hidden but must happen in the light. In order for men to find that freedom and victory, we must be willing to be vulnerable and open about our struggles as well as God's work within those struggles. Only in the light of true vulnerability do we allow God to heal and to restore.

We desire to demonstrate this healing and restoration and to lead those men who are hurting and broken into the light of vulnerability, repentance, and healing. The man who is changed, healed, and restored has the barriers affecting his relationship and connection with Christ broken down so that he can become a powerful force in his home, church, and community. In this process we will see that God does not desire that we live lives buried in shame, but that He desires that we experience for ourselves the HOPE that comes from His gentle touch and His tender love as He puts each of our broken pieces back together again. Our loving God then implores us to turn around and share that HOPE with others.

"We help men find freedom and
experience victory."