On The Street

Some of these men who go to red-light districts looking for sex are searching for something—anything—to provide relief or escape from problems and heartaches. Unfortunately, the false sense of love, value or intimacy that can be found or bought in a red-light district is not the answer.

When the MST Project first started, there were a few people who said that there was no hope for these men, that they were better off left alone or ignored. But where is the compassion of God in that perspective? We do not look at these men and only see where they're currently at. Rather, we see who they can become with a transformed heart. How many of us have grown up in a broken home or have looked for love and intimacy in all the wrong places or have struggled with issues that are common to men? Yet God has brought about redemption in our lives. The MST Project wants to reach out to these men and be an example of the restoration and redemption that is found in Christ.

It is our passion and calling to go to these men when very few will, and to demonstrate the love of God in a place where they least expect it, from those whom they least expect it from. Many of these men are just like us, with the same dreams and struggles. We long for them to experience the love and the hope that is found in a relationship with the Father. His love is available to all, in all places and at all times. The hope we have in Him can cause a man to return to his wife and become a better husband. It can cause him to return to his children and become a better father. It can cause him to return to his community to become an example instead of just another statistic.

God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. Since this includes men in red-light districts, we choose to stand on the street corner and offer them HOPE.

"We seek to mentor men into a pursuit of sexual purity and greater wholeness."