Mentorship Groups

An RMPP mentorship group is a place for men to pursue both purity and wholeness within an environment of peer support and encouragement. The journey to greater purity and wholeness is a journey that involves inviting other men to walk alongside of you. It is a place where men can share their prayer requests, victories and struggles with other men who who will take the time to listen, pray for and challenge you to grow in all areas of life. Pledging full confidentiality, this mentorship group will be your support system for as long as you want.

Committing to a group may be difficult but we believe that you will be willing to make that commitment because you want something deeper. You want to know that you aren’t alone in your struggles and that there are other men who want the same things and who are willing to pursue them with you. During your time in a mentorship group, you will be:


You will be challenged to grow in your love for biblical truth. The men in your group will challenge you to grow in your knowledge and application of God's Word thereby enabling you to stand firm in the midst of life's trials.


You will be encouraged to persevere when life, work, and numerous responsibilities may seem overwhelming. The men in your group will support you through prayer, encouragement and a listening ear.


You will be inspired to pursue greater spiritual growth and Christ-likeness. While pursuing Christ-likeness may not always be easy, it will also be worth it. The men in your group will be there to inspire you on that journey.


The men in your group, as well as your group leader, will support you and hold you accountable as you pursue greater freedom and victory. Whatever you share in your mentorship group will be regarded as confidential.

If you are interested in joining a mentorship group then please send an email to for further details on locations and times.

Next Mentorship Group Cycle: August-November 2017
Location(s): Bangkok, Thailand

  • Please pray for our staff and volunteer this evening as they hit the streets seeking to engage men in conversation.