In 2007, I felt that God gave me a heart and vision to extend His grace and love to the men who visit red-light districts. On the night of November 1st, my friend and I went out to several red-light districts in Bangkok to see if such a ministry was possible. The first red-light district we went to was bustling with normal activity. Several men we talked to were regular average men, and although we had interesting conversations, it didn’t necessarily make us think that meeting them was a confirmation this was the beginning of something divinely inspired. The second red-light district we visited was much like the first, and even included polite conversations with a couple men we met. So far, our venture proved inconclusive and I began thinking that this “ministry” idea was nothing more than a random nighttime thought. 

Before calling it a night, we headed over to our third red-light district of the evening. As we entered the area, my friend noticed a man who was sitting on a step outside a bar with two bottles of beer by his side. We walked over to him, introduced ourselves and began a conversation. This particular man began to open up to us - two total strangers - and started to share some very personal moments from his life: moments of loss and hurt and a longing for something dear to him. When we asked him if we could pray for him right then and there, he bowed his head and joined us in prayer. At one point during the prayer, I wondered if the man had silently left. But as I looked up, I saw him wiping away a tear or two.  

It was at that moment I sensed God speaking to my heart. I sensed Him telling me that yes, He does see the immorality of places like this, but He also sees the brokenness of some of the men who wander its streets. I believe I saw what God saw that night - a man who could not hide the loss and hurt he was going through in life in spite of all the distractions and temptations all around us. That night was a confirmation to me that we are to be an extension of His grace and love to those who are willing to hear about it, and to be an example of His power to redeem and restore all men, wherever they may be found.

Christian Lenty
Founder and Director

"His love is available to all, in all places and at all times."