What does MST stand for?

MST stands for “Men and the Sex Trade”. The sex trade exists within the red-light district but because of pornography and the over-sexualized culture we live in we are constantly bombarded with sexual messages, especially in media and advertising. Therefore as a ministry, we reach out to all men, not just those who visit a red-light district, but also those who struggle with pornography, sexual sin, lust and other heart issues.

How do you care for men?

We are available to listen and share our personal stories and Biblical truth with men wanting to change patterns in their life. We strive to be deeply personal and personally relevant in our ministry to men.

What does The MST Project do?

The MST Project is a ministry that focuses on three aspects: we reach out to men who visit red-light districts, we mentor men through our book, A Pathway to Purity, and we walk alongside men through our Real Men Pursuing Purity (RMPP) quarterly events and weekly mentorship groups. Please refer to each specific ministry page for a more complete vision of each one.

How can I get involved?

View our Get Involved page to find out how you can join us as a short-term volunteer. There are also long-term staff and volunteer positions available. Please look under the Application Forms page for further details.

Are you a religious organization?

Our staff and volunteers have a personal relationship with Christ and believe in the timeless truth of God’s Word. We believe, however, that there is a difference between simply following a set of religious rules and having our own personal relationship with Christ. Many times in the Scriptures we see Christ’s disapproval toward the religious leaders of His day (John 2; Matthew 23) even though they tried to follow every detail of their law. We do not seek to force “religion” down someone’s throat, but we do desire to share the hope, fulfillment, transforming power and healing that can be found in the love of God and from knowing Christ in a close and personal way.

How do you view the men who visit red-light districts?

We believe that God’s grace and love is for all men, in all places, and at all times. Some men choose to engage in sexual activity as a means to cope with personal issues in the same way others use alcohol, drugs, food, etc., to cope with theirs. We view men as fathers, brothers, and sons whom God cares about deeply. (Genesis 2:7, 2 Peter 3:9)

Where is The MST Project located?

The MST Project is based solely in Bangkok, Thailand. However, the staff and volunteers of A Pathway to Purity and Real Men Pursuing Purity are based in different locations.

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