We're All Busy

Mar 30, 2019

Have you ever looked at your calendar and seen so many commitments, appointments, and opportunities scheduled that you begin to feel overwhelmed? Maybe you feel like last week was like that, or the last few months, or perhaps even longer than that. I believe that it is during such busy seasons that we all need to remind ourselves to make spiritual nourishment a priority.

When we put off and neglect those times of spiritual renewal, we can find ourselves on a dangerous path that can lead to words or actions of hurt and regret. Past history may even remind us that when we took that path before, the temptation to compromise in ways that are unholy and unrighteous were overpowering. We know that work is good and work honors God. However, it doesn’t honor Him when we use our busy schedules, and subsequent tiredness, as an excuse to go down a path of dishonoring behavior and choices. Busyness is not an excuse to push God aside but rather, a valid reason to get closer to Him.

Whether you are a pastor, ministry leader, counselor, husband or father - we are all ordinary men of God seeking to love Him, our families and our neighbors. We all have busy, albeit different, schedules. We are all faced with the task of blending together our responsibilities with the commitments we have, while also valuing time with the One we love and serve.

May you and I continue to make the necessary time to rest in God’s presence, to be nourished by God’s Word, and to allow the Holy Spirit to refuel our spirits. When we do that, we will be equipped to serve and honor God in all that we do, to the benefit and blessing of others.