The Letter

Oct 17, 2011

To my son,

I want you to know that I have seen the tears stream down your face. I have heard your cries in the darkest of nights and in the loneliest of rooms. I have been there crying with you because it hurts me to see you, my child, alone, scared and confused. I desire nothing more than to hold you as you weep into my arms. I want to take your burden and place it upon my shoulders. I have seen you make choices that have caused you sadness coupled with feelings of shame and guilt. I know that you have dealt with condemnation and a constant feeling of wanting to throw everything away. How much longer will you continue to try to do things on your own? There is never a moment in your life that you need to walk alone, all I ask is that you come to me. 

You may feel that I am far from you as you try to make sense of the choices and consequences before you but I am closer to you now more than I ever have been. I long to free you of the shame you feel. I want nothing more than to remove the guilt and condemnation that surrounds you. I have never wanted you to walk through this life feeling anything less than what you truly are, my child in whom I delight. Will you run to me, your friend, your Savior, your Father?

I want you to know that I love you with an everlasting love. It may seem hard to comprehend and believe that love but will you trust Me as you once did so long ago? Will you allow my love to surround you and make you new? Will you allow my grace to free you from the thoughts of condemnation that plague you? Will you allow me to show you the plans that I have for you? I am here waiting for you with open arms.

I love you dearly,

Your Father


Written by: Chris L.

* the words of this “letter” came to my mind after talking with a man in a red-light district *