I Choose...

Mar 05, 2011

I was challenged the other day while reading Romans 2:24. It says that “the name of God is being blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you”. The more I thought on that the more I began to ask myself “Is that true of me?” 

Is it possible that when I am stressed, when I am in a hurry to get somewhere, when I am frustrated with others, or when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed that someone may see me and come to the conclusion that God and His love isn’t for them? Or, how about when I go downtown to talk to men in red-light districts? Do I extend grace and love to those whom He loves and died for? Do I reflect His character?

I have met a few people around town, in my neighborhood and in red-light districts who feel that we as Christians tend to argue more about things that have no eternal value when the eternal fate of someone, anyone, is right before us. The more I reflected on Romans 2:24 the more I was drawn to several passages in Matthew 14. As I was reading those passages I knew that what I needed more of in my life was the compassion of Jesus. Compassion that pushes aside the insignificant worries of the day and opens the door to healing the hurts and pains of those around us.

Maybe I am stressed most days, perhaps I am always in a hurry to get somewhere, and all too often I do find myself frustrated over daily circumstances. But, that all seems to dissipate when I stand face to face with a life that needs a touch of His love and healing. Will I allow my life to be a source of His compassion to those around me with deep rooted pains and long-suffering hurts?

I will.